SoleRemit lets you send money abroad with a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Your transaction is done completely online, unlike traditional money transfer services where you may have to go to a high street agent. Our fees are typically lower, too.


What is a remittance?

‘Remittance’ is another word for a money transfer.


Remittances are usually sent between family and friends in different countries for personal use, perhaps to cover household bills, healthcare, education or general living costs. Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.


What services do SoleRemit offer?

SoleRemit offers:


Cash pickup

Cash pickup transfer is a payment that your recipient can collect as physical cash from a Soleremit location in the recipient country.


Interac E-Transfer

To make your payment by Interac E-transfer, send the transfer to


To send an eTransfer, you will need:



Mobile money

How can I pay for my transfer?

Explore payment options for the countries you are sending to and from.



Where can I send money to?

SoleRemit offers money transfers from Canada to Ghana (Philippines will come online soon).


Where can I send money from?

SoleRemit is available only to senders from Canada. More countries will be added soon.


How much money can I send?

There is no fixed limit on how much you  can transfer, but we have an obligation to report any transaction of $10,000 or more to FINTRAC and the CRA to guard against money laundering and tax evasion.


How long will it take for the money to arrive?

In most cases, transfers sent using SoleRemit arrive within minutes.


You will see the expected delivery time before you make payment. We aim to complete transfers within the suggested time, but some transfers may take longer depending on how the money is being received.


Your transfer will not start until SoleRemit receives authorisation from your payment provider. Identity checks on the sender and/or recipient, third party operating hours or incorrect information can also extend the transfer time.


Transfer type typically available to the recipient:




Why do you need a mobile phone number and email address for my recipient?

We use the recipient’s mobile number and email address to notify them on the transfer progress. Providing the recipient’s email address is optional.

Both the sender and recipient are notified when the transfer is sent, and again when it is received.


Why do I need to supply identification?

We are required by law to carry out these checks.

To keep the SoleRemit service safe, we use a government-issued photo ID to confirm the identity of the money sender.



Common Problems

Transfer problems? Let’s solve it together! If your money transfer is not proceeding further, chances are it’s something that you may be able to rectify with a few checks. Here’s a list of how you can solve common problems that may come up during your transfer journey.




My payment won’t go through

Your payment may not be processing for a number of reasons. To help solve the issue, please follow these steps:


1. Check that your payment details have been entered correctly, such as: The correct card number, expiry dates and security codes.


For INTERAC ETRANSFER, please check that you sent the transfer to the correct email address:


2. If all details are correct, please check why the payment has been declined with your payment provider. In some cases, you may need to approve the payment with your provider before returning to us to complete the transfer.




My money is taking longer to process than I expected

You will have received an email from WorldRemit Support stating “your transaction is on its way”. Within the email it says how long it will take.


Have you been waiting less than this amount of time?


Yes: Please wait until after the time specified within the email has elapsed, to allow time for your transfer to be processed.


No: If your transfer is taking longer than you expect, it could be due to one of the following reasons:


My transaction has been placed on hold / I’ve been asked to provide additional information

Your transaction will have been placed on hold for one of the following reasons:


1. We’re awaiting documents from you

You will have received an email from us detailing what we need you to provide.


Once provided, please be patient as our team quickly reviews the documents. They will confirm any next steps via email.


2. We’re awaiting further information from you


3. Some transactions are held for security checks to ensure your money is kept safe.





My recipient hasn’t received their money

Please check these top reasons why your recipient may not have received their money.


1. Transfer time

You will have received an email from WorldRemit Support stating “your transaction is on its way”. Within the email it says how long it will take for your transfer to be paid, and ensure the time has elapsed.


2. Recipient details

One of the biggest reasons for delayed transfers is incorrect details about the recipient, meaning the funds cannot simply arrive. Make sure you check all details are correct, double-checking with the recipient too.


3. We need something from you

We may require documents, such as the sender’s or recipient’s identification document, or further information about your transfer from you. In this case, you will have received an email from us, or you can check your transfer status to see if we are awaiting an action from you.


Where your transfer has been paid but your recipient still has not received the funds, it helps to have a copy of their bank statement or statement from their mobile money account, which you can share with our customer service team. The statement must cover from the expected credit date until the present date.


4. Cash pick-up

When collecting their cash, please check that your recipient:





I want to cancel my transfer

You can request cancellation of your transaction by sending an email to .

Refunds usually take 1 - 7 working days, depending on your payment method.


Please note that we are not always able to cancel transactions once they have been sent. If the money has been paid to the recipient, it may not be possible to cancel and arrange a refund.  


I’m still waiting for my refund

Have you been waiting less than 7 working days for your refund?


Yes: Refunds are usually processed within 7 working days. Unfortunately, we will be unable to chase the refund for you before the 7-day period is up, so please be patient whilst the money is returned to you.


No: First check with your bank to make sure you have the latest balance on your account.  Your bank may be in the process of returning the refund to your account.


If you’ve checked the above and your money is not back in your account, please contact us so we can investigate further.





What internet browsers works best with SoleRemit?

Our website is optimised for use on Google Chrome but should work on all major browsers.


I’m having issues with the website. What can I do?



I’m having issues with the app. What can I do?



There may be a temporary problem with our app. Take any screenshots that might help us diagnose the problem and send them to us.




As a financially regulated company, SoleRemit is required by law to verify its customers. For more information on our verification processes, see below.


Why does WorldRemit need to verify me?

As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers.


The type of verification we will need can be different depending on the amount that you are sending,


Usually, we will only be required to check your name, address and date of birth. However, in some circumstances, we may also require further information in order to comply with our regulatory obligations. This can include the purpose of your transfer or source of funds for example.


We will contact you if we require anything from you, so please ensure you check your emails regularly after you’ve created your transfer.



What is identity verification?

As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers. Part of this process is identity verification. Typically this involves collecting a copy of government issued ID from you. You can upload your ID securely at any time from your account or alternatively email us at


Is there anything I need to know before I upload my ID?

When submitting your ID, please ensure that it is a a high-quality photo or scan of a valid government issued ID showing:



If any details do not match, please contact the SoleRemit Verification team at to have your details amended.


What is Address verification?

As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers. Part of this process can involve address verification.


You can upload the document showing your home address anytime by clicking here or alternatively emailing us at


When submitting your proof of address, please ensure that it is a a high-quality photo or scan of a valid document showing:


This cannot be a PO address

This cannot be an office /workplace address

This must match what appears on your SoleRemit account

This should not be more than 3 months old

A logo or clear name of the sender

This should appear on all official bills or statements as a letterhead

The name and address on the document must match the details on your SoleRemit account.


What types of document can you accept for address verification?

ID documents we can usually accept include:


Utility Bill  (This can be a gas, electricity, water or insurance bills.)

We can’t accept mobile phone bills

This must be no older than 3 months

Driving Licence

This must show your address

This must be in date – we cannot accept expired documents

Bank / Credit card statement

This must be no older than 3 months


What happens to my personal information after I upload it?

As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers. Your information and/or documents are stored on our secured servers. We only use these when we are completing our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.


You can read more about our privacy policy and how we use your information here.