Where's my money?

After your money has been sent, you may want to know its whereabouts on its transfer journey. At SoleRemit, we notify you on the transfer progress at every step of the way. You can also check the 'Transfer History' section on your SoleRemit account to view your past transaction. To view the transfer progress on our website, click the ‘My Account’ button and then select ‘Transfer History’.


If you have sent money within the last hour, please wait for confirmation from us by email that we have received your funds. We do not start transferring any funds until your bank / financial institution has approved the payment of the funds to our account.


Money Not Received by recipient

Different types of transfers may vary in processing times. We will contact you by email if there is any unexpected delay to your transfer

You can check a few things if your transfer is taking longer than you expected:

Incorrect recipient details: Double-check your recipient’s details before completing your transfer – you may not be able to update them later. 

If your transfer is not processed because some of the details are wrong, we usually contact you to inform you as soon as possible. Please check your emails regularly.


Delivery Standards

Our standards for paying our the money transferred tro your recipient are as follows:


Cancellations & Refunds

The fastest way to request a cancellation is through email to admin@saoleremit.com.

After you request a cancellation, we will send an email to inform you if the request was successful. Unfortunately, we may not be able to refund a transaction after it has been been paid out.


It usually takes up to 7 working days for a refund to credit back to you after we have cancelled the transaction. It may take longer depending on, how you have paid and/or your provider:


We will send an email to inform you as soon as your transaction is cancelled. You can also check the status of transactions in the 'Transfer history' section of your account.

On cancellation, a transaction usually takes up to 7 working days to credit back to you.


We can sometimes – but not always – recall mobile money and bank transfer transaction that have already been paid.

If you entered incorrect information while sending money, such as a wrong mobile money wallet number, we may try to recall the transaction for you. In cases like this, please contact us at admin@soleremit.com as soon as possible.

Airtime Top up and Cash Pickup transfers cannot be recalled if the amount has already been already paid to the recipient.


To successfully recall funds, we must: